Harris Goldberg And Associates - First Data Sucks lies and steals money for services never provided

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Update by user Jul 25, 2012

First Data Beware!!! They charge for not getting your company a merchant account and wasting your time and money.

Original review posted by user Jul 25, 2012

First data and a bunch of brokers I dont know called me and set up a merchant account in my name. Charged and then never gave me a terminal or access to process CC's. Now I am getting collection calls stating I owe $90.78 for a service I was never provided. What a disgrace companies doing this amount of volume are ripping that many people off.

Pathetic First Data and Card services International. Terrible unrepeatable companies.

Never get a merchant thru First data or Card services international. They are scammers and dont let you know who your merchant is thru or what your rates are till after your approved then charge your bank account even if they dont get you approved. These companies are Stealing money plain and simple.

Review about: Merchant Account.



First data sucks big time.A total ripoff.

They don't negotiate just steal your money with long term leases that we (the uninformed) sign without reading the fine print. Essentially you lease a machine that might cost $100 for $33 a month for 48 months. Do the math. I know only an *** would sign such a deal.

My bad for being *** but most legitimate companies would at least work with you after you return their POS machine, but not first data.

Their lawyers have made iron clad leases so that you have no option except to vent.To *** with first data.



Just finally got rid of First Data after a 4 year contract.They stole about $3000 in exhorbitant fees and monthly costs.Even now they are trying to extort more fees from me and i sent their machine back and closed the account.Dont ever have any dealings with these whores.

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